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Allwave Corporation - Booth: 40
Address: 3860 Del Amo BlvdSte 404
Torrance, CA, 90503
United States
Phone: 3107939620
Title: President
Contact Name: George Cheng
Email: office@allwavecorp.com
Website: http://allwavecorp.com
We specialize in satellite antenna communications. And near-field and far-field measurements, as well electro-magnetic design and stimulation software.
Altair Engineering, Inc. - Booth: 31, 33
Address: 100 Exploration Way, Suite 310-B
Hampton, Virginia, 23666
United States
Phone: 757-224-0548
Title: Kristin Cawthon - Marketing Coordinator
Contact Name: Kristin Cawthon
Email: kristin@altair.com
Website: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/FEKO
Altair (www.altair.com) offers state of the art engineering simulation suite -HyperWorks®, widely used in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and shipbuilding industries. FEKO (http://www.altairhyperworks.com/product/FEKO), a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics techniques, is included in HyperWorks suite. FEKO has been successfully used in a number of MRI radio frequency (RF) coil designs and magnetic resonance (MR) RF safety analyses. RF coil design in FEKO allows for the accurate prediction of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), field homogeneity and coil safety. Accurate prediction of coil performance not only helps to optimize the coil design itself, but also reduces the time and cost involved in developing a superior RF coil for a specific application in MR. FEKO modeling and simulation greatly assist in the development of surface coils, volume coils and array coils. For RF safety, FEKO calculates very reliably volume averaged SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) in 1-g, 10-g and whole body of interest for a given power input to coil element. Please Come visit us at booth 31.
Booth 37: Booths: 37 IMST GmbH
Microwave Vision Group (MVG) - Booth: 26
Address: 2105 Barret Park Drive Suite 104
Kennesaw, GA, 30144
Phone: +1(678)7979172
Title: Director of EMC Business Development
Contact Name: Donald Gray
Email: eumari.bonilla@mvg-world.com
Website: http://www.mvg-world.com
Since 2008, Microwave Vision Group has combined the technological expertise, product portfolios and infrastructures of four industry leaders: SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI and Rainford EMC Systems who have joined forces to provide a wide variety of products and solutions for Antenna Measurements and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing. For EMC Solutions we design, manufacture, supply and install shielded enclosures, anechoic chambers, shielded doors, absorbers and more. Through our partnership with Amplifier Research (AR), we can provide exceptional turnkey solutions for the most demanding EMC requirements. With revenue of Euros 60 million (2015) and 19 years continual growth, MVG is now present in 10 countries with 23 sites. Our 350 employees worldwide are driving Microwave Vision Group’s technical success through continual innovation.
REMCOM INC - Booth: 30
Address: 315 S. ALLEN ST.SUITE 416
State College, Pennsylvania, 16801
United States
Phone: 8148611299
Title: Marketing Assistant
Contact Name: Caitlyn Harling
Email: caitlyn.harling@remcom.com
Website: http://www.remcom.com/, http://www.remcom.com/
New! Remcom now offers a unique ray tracing capability for simulating MIMO antennas for 5G, WiFi, and other applications relevant to today's rapidly advancing technologies. Wireless InSite MIMO predicts accurate path data between each transmitting and receiving element with precision and reveals key channel characteristics in a timely manner. With optimizations that minimize runtime and memory constraints, Wireless InSite efficiently simulates even large Massive MIMO arrays. Visit Remcom’s booth for a demonstration. Remcom’s Electromagnetic Simulation Software simplifies the analysis of complex EM problems and leads the market in FDTD-based modeling and simulation. Applications include antenna design and antenna placement, 5G/MIMO, mobile device, biomedical/MRI, EMI/EMC, microwave, radar and scattering, wireless propagation, military and defense, automotive radar, and more.
TICRA - Booth: 27
Address: Landemaerket 29
Copenhagen K, Copenhagen, 1119
Phone: +45 3312 4572
Title: Marketing Consultant
Contact Name: Dorthe Friberg
Email: dbf@ticra.com
Website: http://www.ticra.com, www.ticra.com, www.ticra.com, www.ticra.com
TICRA provides highly accurate EM simulation software for reflector antennas and related feed systems, as well as near-field to far-field transformation software for spherical test ranges. The GRASP software is recognized as an industry standard and used worldwide by antenna industries, including spacecraft manufacturers, earth-station antenna suppliers, defence industries and research institutions. The substantial experience available at TICRA, partly gained through numerous development contracts with the European Space Agency, is available to our customers through our software support and consultancy services.