Special Sessions

The list of special sessions to be held at AP-S/URSI 2017 is below. Any questions regarding special sessions can be sent to Kathleen Melde (specialsessions@2017apsursi.org). The sessions below are all Joint AP-S/URSI unless otherwise specified.

Special Session in Honor of Per Simon Kildal
Stefano Maci, Eva Rajo and Ahmed Kishk

Additive Manufacturing in Antennas and RF Systems
Frederic Gianesello, Cyril Luxey and Yiannis Vardaxoglu

Compressive Sensing as Applied to Electromagnetics: Advances and New Trends
Mahta Moghaddam, Andrea Massa and Donald Migliore

Physical Reconfiguration through Advances in Programmable Materials and Adaptive Mechanics
Gregory Huff, Christos Christodoulou, Philip Buskohl and Derek Doyle

Emerging Techniques in Imaging at Microwave, Millimeter Wave, THz Frequencies
Okan Yurduseven, David Smith, Jonah Gollub, Mohamad Imani and Thomas Fromenteze

Theoretical and Modern Advances in Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering
Danilo Erricolo, Giacomo Oliveri, Aria Abubakar

Automotive Antennas: Advancement and Challenges in Integration
Hyok Song and Timothy Taltry

Loaded Antennas for Next Generation Radar and Communications
Bart Smolders, Diego Caratelli and Ronis Maximidis

Innovative Phased Arrays and Beamforming Technology
Paolo Rocca, Robert Mailloux and Jeffrey Herd

Applications of Electromagnetics and RF Techniques in Medicine and Biology
Gianluca Lazzi and Jung-Chih Chaio

AP-S Only 3D Printed Antennas and Components
Guan-Long Huang and Chow-Yen-Desmond Sim

Historyof APS: Early Legends of the Field
Stuart Long

Modern Longwave Antennas
Walter Wall

Wideband Phased Arrays for 5G Wireless and Beyond
Johnson J. H. Wang and Andrew Peterson

In Body Devices for Wireless Biotelemetry: Implants and Ingestibles
Asimini Kiourtu and Raed Shubair

Benchmarking at the Frontiers of Computational EM
Ali Yilmaz

Handset LTE Antenna Design and Challenges
Hongwei Liu

Advancement of Metasurfaces and Lenses beyond 4G and 5G
Jungsuek Oh, Seungtae Ko and Nader Behdad

Higher Symmetries for Flat Meta-Lenses
Guido Valerio and Oscar Quevedo-Teruel

AP-S Only International Standards Development and Applications
Vikass Monebhurrun

AP-S Only Advances in RF Measurement Technology
Ivan LaHaie

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